These are the Chronicles of ODARENA, where history becomes legends.


Dominion Ruler Faction Land
🥇 Jotta's Rapscallions Jotta Barbarian 5,285
🥈 Zeke's Thieves Zeke Barbarian 4,679
🥉 Garij's Crew Garij Barbarian 4,533

Deeds of Glory

Deed Dominion Ruler Faction
Victories: 18 Zombiexplorers Haggoroth Afflicted
Greatest offensive power sent: 124,265 Yes I chose pathfinder Craghack Goblin
Land conquered: 2,372 Yes I chose pathfinder Craghack Goblin

All Stats

Stat Value Top Dominion
Victories: 18 Zombiexplorers
Bottomfeeds: 0 Release the Hounds
Gold building: 3,435,302 Zombiexplorers
Gold rezoning: 45,044 Zombiexplorers
Gold training: 29,120,424 rePetering Peter
Ore building: 292,386 Shiny stuff
Mana cast: 334,965 Release the Hounds
Souls training: 32,000 Release the Hounds
Blood training: 3,127,252 Release the Hounds
Land conquered: 2,372 Yes I chose pathfinder
Land discovered: 1,566 Yes I chose pathfinder
Self spells cast: 35 Release the Hounds
Total units killed: 15,447 Yes I chose pathfinder
Total units converted: 53,272 Zombiexplorers
Total unit1 trained: 68,639 Artefactual Intelligence
Total unit1 lost: 8,639 Artefactual Intelligence
Total unit2 trained: 84,074 Just Qurious
Total unit3 trained: 30,000 Release the Hounds
Peasants training: 42,820 Blood Something
Draftees training: 143,382 Artefactual Intelligence
Greatest offensive power sent: 124,265 Yes I chose pathfinder
Total offensive power sent: 927,436 Yes I chose pathfinder
Blood improvements: 5,644,600 Release the Hounds
Expeditions: 26 Blood Something
Total unit5 lost: 1,371 Dual wielding
World Spinner encounters: 20 Panic II
Total raw DP killed: 52,345 Yes I chose pathfinder
Total raw OP lost: 57,894 Blorp
Total modified DP killed: 52,458 Yes I chose pathfinder
Total modified OP lost: 80,638 Yes I chose pathfinder
Prestige gained: 436 Zombiexplorers
Buildings built: 3,439 Zombiexplorers
Buildings destroyed: 55,071 Zombiexplorers
Buildings destroyed by self: 794 Zombiexplorers
Artefact attacks: 9 Blorp
Total OP sent on artefacts: 555,681 Blorp
Times invaded: 6 Blorp
Gold sold: 471,675 Zombiexplorers
Food sold: 1,152,199 Panic II
Lumber bought: 247,297 Zombiexplorers
Lumber building: 681,748 Zombiexplorers
Lumber training: 2,047,500 Dual wielding
Lumber salvaged: 98,084 Dual wielding
Ore bought: 109,922 Panic II
Ore training: 5,954,645 What's deep mine is deep yours
Ore salvaged: 237,672 Dual wielding
Gem training: 16,610,000 Panic II
Gem improvements: 2,051,835 Panic II
Gem salvaged: 0 Release the Hounds
Mana training: 5,720,095 rePetering Peter
Land lost: 425 Blorp
Total draftees lost: 1,360 Blorp
Total unit2 lost: 2,111 Drogon 🐉
Unit2 training: 22,968 Just Qurious
Total unit3 lost: 11,641 Yes I chose pathfinder
Unit3 training: 5,742 Just Qurious
Total unit4 trained: 12,041 Artefactual Intelligence
Total unit4 lost: 4,863 Zombiexplorers
Total spies trained: 924 Blorp
Total wizards trained: 7,000 rePetering Peter
Wizards training: 6,000 rePetering Peter
Total archmages trained: 50 Just Qurious
Greatest failed defensive power: 109,205 Drogon 🐉
Total raw DP lost: 12,788 Blorp
Total raw OP killed: 18,990 Blorp
Total modified DP lost: 14,902 Blorp
Total modified OP killed: 27,759 Blorp
Prestige lost: 104 Blorp
Buildings lost: 347 Blorp
Gold bought: 1,354,731 What's deep mine is deep yours
Food training: 1,960,000 Artefactual Intelligence
Lumber improvements: 4,310,486 Artefactual Intelligence
Total unit5 trained: 10,761 Dual wielding
Artefacts discovered: 8 Yes I chose pathfinder
Gold improvements: 5,578,497 Yes I chose pathfinder
Ore sold: 1,893,623 What's deep mine is deep yours
Ore improvements: 7,625,138 Shiny stuff
Artefacts captured: 3 Blorp
Razes: 1 Yes I chose pathfinder
Failed invasions: 0 Release the Hounds
Food bought: 12,983 Blorp
Gems stolen: 68,127 Blorp
Body training: 32,000 rePetering Peter
Gem sold: 80,727 Drogon 🐉
Gem lost: 39,071 Dual wielding
Invasion spells success: 58 Zombiexplorers
Invasion spells duration: 5,700 Zombiexplorers
Miasma training: 95,296 Zombiexplorers
Miasma improvements: 1,485,618 Zombiexplorers
Successful defenses: 1 Blood Something
Greatest successful defensive power: 55,888 Blood Something
Thunderstone training: 1,177 Shiny stuff
Ore found: 652,168 Shiny stuff
Gems found: 163,042 Shiny stuff
Thunderstones found: 933 Shiny stuff

Round Overview

Mode: Artefacts
Target: 10 artefacts
Ticks: 389
Start: 2024-02-16 16:00:00
Dominions: 30
Day Top OP
1 49,575
2 71,795
3 112,603
4 110,016
5 116,556