These are the Chronicles of ODARENA, where history becomes legends.


Dominion Ruler Faction Land
🥇 Espiosa ludaputka Void 18,272
🥈 Higher State Of Consciousness ludsam Swarm 13,465
🥉 Care Bear Stare dtql Afflicted 12,477

Deeds of Glory

Deed Dominion Ruler Faction
Victories: 0 oh my Sly Goblin
Greatest offensive power sent: 0 oh my Sly Goblin
Land conquered: 0 oh my Sly Goblin

All Stats

Stat Value Top Dominion

Round Overview

Mode: Standard
Target: 8,000 land
Ticks: 0
Start: 2020-01-21 00:00:00
Dominions: 40
Day Top OP