These are the Chronicles of ODARENA, where history becomes legends.


Dominion Ruler Faction Land
🥇 Tombstone Piledriver Erik3 Undead 5,254
🥈 Reverse Myconid Haggoroth Cires 4,328
🥉 Norse Time Sim101 Norse 4,049

Deeds of Glory

Deed Dominion Ruler Faction
Victories: 48 Reverse Myconid Haggoroth Cires
Greatest offensive power sent: 1,318,964 Tombstone Piledriver Erik3 Undead
Land conquered: 3,443 Reverse Myconid Haggoroth Cires

All Stats

Stat Value Top Dominion
Victories: 48 Reverse Myconid
Bottomfeeds: 18 Norse Time
Successful defenses: 1 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Times invaded: 17 Crag the Hag
Gold sold: 3,360,000 Reverse Myconid
Gold bought: 11,679,567 Dothraki 🐎
Gold building: 12,242,304 Tombstone Piledriver
Gold rezoning: 3,582,923 Tombstone Piledriver
Gold training: 54,347,036 Norse Time
Food sold: 2,875,732 Forest Fury
Lumber salvaged: 2,257,445 Back you Cur
Ore sold: 11,501,269 Reverse Myconid
Ore bought: 1,233,700 No take Shiny
Ore building: 150,955 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Ore training: 22,545,885 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Ore salvaged: 4,028,749 Reverse Myconid
Ore plundered: 1,272,221 Reverse Myconid
Gem improvements: 9,201,335 One of A Kind
Gem salvaged: 161,512 Back you Cur
Mana cast: 620,275 Reverse Myconid
Land conquered: 3,443 Reverse Myconid
Land discovered: 2,537 Tombstone Piledriver
Land lost: 2,995 Crag the Hag
Self spells cast: 68 Reverse Myconid
Total draftees lost: 1,396 Crag the Hag
Total units killed: 81,746 Crag the Hag
Total unit2 trained: 113,513 Limiter
Total unit2 lost: 123,030 Tombstone Piledriver
Total unit3 trained: 101,152 Limiter
Total unit3 lost: 32,255 Tombstone Piledriver
Total unit4 trained: 61,638 Poenari
Total unit4 lost: 25,449 Crag the Hag
Total spies trained: 2,992 Norse Time
Total wizards trained: 5,835 Back you Cur
Draftees training: 281,198 Limiter
Greatest offensive power sent: 1,318,964 Tombstone Piledriver
Total offensive power sent: 7,663,343 Tombstone Piledriver
Greatest successful defensive power: 446,020 Crag the Hag
Greatest failed defensive power: 1,315,756 Reverse Myconid
Gold improvements: 6,619,731 Reverse Myconid
Lumber building: 2,489,196 Tombstone Piledriver
Lumber training: 16,347,471 Norse Time
Lumber improvements: 30,885,331 Forest Fury
Ore improvements: 7,134,625 Reverse Myconid
Total unit1 trained: 124,999 Norse Time
Total unit1 lost: 65,909 Norse Time
Food destroyed to sorcery: 0 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Peasants lost to sorcery: 18,741 Norse Time
Total unit5 trained: 57,595 Limiter
Total unit5 lost: 10,953 180 mm shock cannon
Food training: 1,949,628 Forest Fury
Lumber sold: 4,818,617 Dothraki 🐎
Total units converted: 49,740 Poenari
Lumber bought: 3,634,415 Reverse Myconid
Lumber plundered: 739,975 Reverse Myconid
Gem sold: 2,397,348 Dothraki 🐎
Gem training: 2,018,960 Back you Cur
Mana training: 6,363,801 One of A Kind
Mana improvements: 7,333,001 Back you Cur
Wizards training: 2,192 NewMush
Total archmages trained: 2,192 NewMush
Sorcery spells duration: 156 Back you Cur
Improvements damage by sorcery: 46,647,221 Back you Cur
Food destroyed by sorcery: 0 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Peasants killed by sorcery: 23,642 Back you Cur
Sorcery spells cast: 15 Back you Cur
Mana spent on sorcery: 245,008 Back you Cur
Wizard strength spent on sorcery: 1,208 Back you Cur
Gold plundered: 34,104 Reverse Myconid
Gem plundered: 11,368 Reverse Myconid
Horses training: 45,289 Dothraki 🐎
Total unit6 trained: 16,765 Reverse Myconid
Total unit6 lost: 6,000 cannon fodder 🔫
Total unit7 trained: 931 Reverse Myconid
Total unit7 lost: 585 Reverse Myconid
Pearls improvements: 415,317 Glimmer of hope
Lumber lost: 532,993 Dothraki 🐎
Expeditions: 5 Crag the Hag
Morale damage by sorcery: 0 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Food bought: 12,933 Poenari
Mud sold: 20,000 NewMush
Mud building: 113,633 NewMush
Swamp gas improvements: 5,237,618 NewMush
Lumber stolen: 704,330 Norse Time
Ore stolen: 469,248 Norse Time
Gems stolen: 97,600 Norse Time
Champions training: 59,444 Norse Time
Razes: 1 No take Shiny
Failed invasions: 0 Unto Some Crepes, Taters, and Marge!
Ore lost: 305,280 Dothraki 🐎
Gem lost: 97,600 cannon fodder 🔫
Gold stolen: 69,874 Crag the Hag
Prayer training: 2,321,411 One of A Kind
Gold lost: 69,874 My other gryphon is an elk

Round Overview

Mode: Standard
Target: 5,000 land
Ticks: 589
Start: 2022-09-18 16:00:00
Dominions: 57
Day Top OP
1 143,872
2 242,446
3 340,666
4 563,660
5 907,392
6 855,263
7 1,318,964