These are the Chronicles of ODARENA, where history becomes legends.


Dominion Ruler Faction Land
πŸ₯‡ Kittelsen's Vision Dreki Troll 8,070
πŸ₯ˆ Speedstar Central Command Kobold 5,702
πŸ₯‰ sneaky King Jota Reptilians 5,462

Deeds of Glory

Deed Dominion Ruler Faction
Victories: 30 Uncertainty Radiance Void
Greatest offensive power sent: 1,787,414 Kittelsen's Vision Dreki Troll
Land conquered: 3,416 Kittelsen's Vision Dreki Troll

All Stats

Stat Value Top Dominion
Victories: 30 Uncertainty
Bottomfeeds: 25 Rotten it is!
Successful defenses: 5 Speedstar
Times invaded: 15 Chump
Gold sold: 1,079,990 Crime on a Kidney
Gold bought: 10,158,812 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Gold building: 20,462,906 Speedstar
Gold rezoning: 9,000,430 Kittelsen's Vision
Gold training: 119,632,368 Kittelsen's Vision
Gold lost: 51,021,426 Chump
Gold plundered: 43 King Richard the Lionheart
Food sold: 2,136,469 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Food plundered: 231,654 Kittelsen's Vision
Lumber salvaged: 206,576 Kittelsen's Vision
Lumber plundered: 1,335,656 Kittelsen's Vision
Ore sold: 606,585 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Ore bought: 1,449,353 Kittelsen's Vision
Ore building: 777,493 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Ore training: 41,799,181 Crime on a Kidney
Ore lost: 1,361,344 Crime on a Kidney
Ore salvaged: 1,114,614 Crime on a Kidney
Ore plundered: 871,699 Crime on a Kidney
Gem sold: 1,633,554 Chaos Omega
Gem improvements: 20,918,295 Kittelsen's Vision
Gem salvaged: 109,430 Kittelsen's Vision
Gem plundered: 163,745 Kittelsen's Vision
Mana cast: 2,392,220 Rotten it is!
Mana plundered: 0 Crime on a Kidney
Land conquered: 3,416 Kittelsen's Vision
Land explored: 5,548 Speedstar
Land discovered: 1,925 sneaky
Land lost: 2,549 Chump
Gold stolen: 35,717,399 sneaky
Ore stolen: 1,675,747 sneaky
Gems stolen: 369,580 sneaky
Theft success: 1,181 sneaky
Info success: 144 Kittelsen's Vision
Info failure: 52 Kittelsen's Vision
Self spells cast: 85 Kittelsen's Vision
Spells reflected: 9 Grow
Info spells success: 197 sneaky
Total units killed: 85,510 Rotten it is!
Total unit1 trained: 58,458 Kittelsen's Vision
Total unit1 lost: 30,777 Rotten it is!
Total unit2 trained: 155,060 Speedstar
Total unit2 lost: 24,488 Speedstar
Total unit3 trained: 600,230 Grow
Total unit4 trained: 393,419 Grow
Total unit4 lost: 183,862 Grow
Total spies trained: 24,422 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Total spies killed: 359 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Total spies lost: 332 Speedstar
Total wizards trained: 3,195 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Wizards training: 3,030 Rotten it is!
Total archmages trained: 2,900 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Draftees training: 1,025,556 Grow
Greatest offensive power sent: 1,787,414 Kittelsen's Vision
Total offensive power sent: 15,576,194 Kittelsen's Vision
Greatest successful defensive power: 1,434,289 Speedstar
Greatest failed defensive power: 1,773,061 Speedstar
Gold improvements: 784,085 πŸ—» Makin' robots πŸ—»
Lumber sold: 16,550,435 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Lumber building: 4,180,690 Speedstar
Lumber improvements: 70,048,277 How much wood could a Wood Elf chuck ?
Info spells failure: 61 🐜 Please excuse my dear ant, Sally 🐜
Total unit3 lost: 70,842 Rotten it is!
Lumber training: 6,411,175 How much wood could a Wood Elf chuck ?
Gem lost: 536,090 King Richard the Lionheart
Mana training: 65,148,860 Uncertainty
Theft failure: 13 sneaky
Info spells success: 27 sneaky
Hostile spells failure: 8 How much wood could a Wood Elf chuck ?
Spell improvements damage: 3,605,278 Pompannappi
Morale damage: 25 Rotten it is!
Total draftees lost: 7,813 Speedstar
Total units converted: 60,155 Vlad the Impaler Vs Jason VoorheesπŸ¦‡πŸ§›
Food bought: 214,554 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Ore improvements: 3,185,000 Who would have thought!
Food stolen: 449,045 sneaky
Gem building: 462,623 πŸ‘» Keep the pure pure πŸ‘»
Gem rezoning: 293,516 πŸ‘» Keep the pure pure πŸ‘»
Unit3 training: 119,584 πŸ‘» Keep the pure pure πŸ‘»
Gold exploring: 108,454,137 Speedstar
Food lost: 449,045 Grow
Lumber lost: 17,617,192 Chump
Razes: 5 Kittelsen's Vision
Failed invasions: 1 King Richard the Lionheart
Lumber bought: 896,479 Speedstar
Total wizards killed: 15 sneaky
Total wizards lost: 15 Santa Carla
Lumber stolen: 14,549,073 sneaky
Hostile spells duration: 264 How much wood could a Wood Elf chuck ?
Gem training: 50,100,000 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Hostile success: 55 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Hostile failure: 7 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Total draftees killed: 7,813 Roar-Paul's Dragon-Race
Spells broken: 14 Kittelsen's Vision
Food building: 826,590 Grow
Food training: 105,407,817 Grow
Food improvements: 266,142,554 Grow
Espionage improvements damage: 26,160,792 sneaky
Total spies killed: 126 sneaky
Mana building: 6,226,463 Uncertainty
Mana rezoning: 7,418,200 Uncertainty
Mana improvements: 72,371,782 Uncertainty
Unit1 training: 10,230 Gruul
Unit2 training: 4,490 Gruul

Round Overview

Mode: Standard
Target: 8,000 land
Ticks: 0
Start: 2021-06-12 16:00:00
Dominions: 51
Day Top OP