Current Round: 116

Registration: Open

Day: 5
Tick: 336
Round length: 768 ticks
Largest dominion: 3,650
Dominions: 25

Welcome to ODARENA!

ODARENA is a world in which you take control of a dominion. Your goal is to be the largest dominion when a round ends.

Rounds last until a dominion reaches a predetermined size. Once someone has reached this target, a countdown of 12 hours begins. Then, a new round begins.

The game can be a little daunting at first, but its fast pace and experimental nature make it fun and exciting. The meta changes frequently and there are many ways to play the game.

To start playing, first Register An Account.

If you already have an account, Login To Your Account.

Then once you are logged in, you can create your Dominion and join the round.


The strategy possibilities are almost infinite.

Please feel welcome to join us on our Discord server! It's the main place for game announcements, game-related chat and development chat.

ODARENA is based on OpenDominion, originally created by WaveHack.

ODARENA is open source software. The code can be found on GitHub.