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There is no ongoing round.

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Previous Round Rankings

1 Hated City-state of Amazons (#4) 10,037 -
2 A royal chariot for me cock 🐓 (#4) 9,786 1
3 The Butcher level 2 (#4) 9,539 1
4 Lonely Mountain (#3) 7,271 -
5 🥪Halm Sandwich🥪 (#2) 6,779 1
6 Back for Revenge (#3) 6,688 4
9 Magical Taiga (#2) 6,500 2
10 After this, i'm gonna go Marshling! (#2) 6,338 3
12 Massed a Flying Kite (#3) 6,141 5
13 A Halm for your Thoughts (#3) 5,741 1

Welcome to ODARENA!

ODARENA is a persistent browser-based fantasy game where you control a dominion and is charged with defending its lands and competing with other players to become the largest in the current round.

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ODARENA is based on OpenDominion, created by WaveHack.

ODARENA is open source software. The code can be found on GitHub .