Units are assigned a Sabotage Power, which is calculated as 1 for spies and for other units as [Offensive Power] * ([Counts As Spy] + [Counts As Spy On Offense] + [Counts As Spy On Sabotage]), meaning that a unit 6 offensive power and which counts as 0.5 spy has 3.0 sabotage power.

Sabotaged improvements and buildings are automatically restored after six ticks.

Sabotaged construction delays construction of the affected buildings by two ticks, but to no greater than 12 ticks.

The formula used to calculate sabotage damage is:

[Base Damage] * (([Sabotage Point Sent] / [Target Land Size]) / ([Target Defensive SPA] * 10))) * [Saboteur Damage Boosts] * [Target Damage Reductions]


  • [Base Damage] is the base damage stated for that particular sabotage operation/perk.
  • [Sabotage Point Sent] is the amount of sabotage points the saboteur is sending on this operation.
  • [Target Land Size] is the size of the target's land.
  • [Target Defensive SPA] is the target's defensive SPA. If target has zero SPA, this step is skipped.
  • [Saboteur Damage Boosts] is the sum of all the damage boosts the saboteur has.
  • [Target Damage Reductions] is the sum of all the damage reductions the target has.


Operation Effect